How to make a self-cleaning litter box

I guess that this has been the most-asked question by cat owners. And I must say that this thought has also crossed my mind many times. So I finally spent the time to research on this and I’ve come up with a few awesome ideas. After a few attempt, I’ve created a semi-automatic cleaning litter box for my kitten. I call it “semi” since you’ll still need to operate it by hands. Even though the litter box’s performance can still be improved, I’ll show you how to. And if you aren’t interested in making your own litter box. Here is the list of 6 best automatic cat litter box. But first, let see how we can make a self-cleaning one.



For the material, there are three parts that are essential. First, it’s the box. You can use items with all kind of shape. But I recommend you use a cylinder-shaped one since I think that it’s the most simple and suitable one. A large plastic cylinder container is great, it’s cheap and easy to find. The next part we’re going to need is a plastic net. Its size depends on your box and the amount of litter you tend to put into the box. You’ll know which size is right for you after finish reading the next article. And the last part of your litter box will be the base. Since your litter box will have a cylinder shape, it can roll away uncontrollably. I usually use two pieces of Styrofoam as the base. They can easily be glued to your litter box. After finishing preparation, let’s move on to the next steps.

How it’s made

My idea is that we’ll let the container stay in a horizontal position. And we’ll create a net inside the container and tightly seal the edge but leave a hole on it so the cat can get through. We’ll put a certain amount of litter on it for your kitten to dump its waste on. And when you want to clean it, just roll the litter box to the net’s direction. The litter will fall under the net leave all the wastes on the net itself. And we can take them out easily.

Here is my self-cleaning litter box

First, you need to apply the net onto the inner surface of your container. Make sure you give it enough glue so it can look and feel solid enough. As I was saying in the preparation part. The size of your net will depend on how much litter you want to put in the box. Make sure your net is solid, firm, and has a hole that’s large enough for the litter to go through but not the wastes. Cover the top of your container with a plastic cover. Make sure you do it tightly so the litter won’t leak out. But make a hole on the cover’s surface so your cat can go through easily. After that, you’ll need to apply the two Styrofoam as the base of your litter box. Glued them with strong glue so they won’t fall out.


After you have made your own self-cleaning litter box, you’re going to need a cat to try it out. And I’m pretty sure that we all have more than one of them. So you need to choose the right type of litter for your kitten. Pour a certain amount of them in your litter box. The litter should always stay under the net. If you put too much litter in it, your box won’t work. It takes time for your kitten to get used to the box. And when I do, I guarantee that he/she will love it.

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