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What is goose down alternative

Now I’m sure that we all know what a goose down comforter and alternative comforter is, right? They’re basically two different type of materials. But what is goose down alternative comforter? To be honest, I got confused too when I first hear about it. But it’s really simple if you put some time research on it. Here, let me tell you what goose down alternative is. 


Goose down comforterGoose down alternative comforter could be made from both natural and synthetic fill. These are not real down or feather, they just look and feel like them. They could have a small amount of natural goose down and feather but they’re not enough to be called goose down. This type of filling is often not as soft and fluffy as real down. After all, they’re just alternatives. But the down fill in this goose down alternative can be added some awesome feature like anti-allergy and anti-bacterial. Which is really cool if you’re allergy to goose down but still looking for some products that are good enough. 

Natural alternatives 

silk down comforter

A down alternative comforter doesn’t have to be made from synthetic material. It could be made from wool and silk which will give the comforter a good quality while get rid of the feeling of fake down. Wool and silk are known to be light and warm. The silk cover can also prevent dust from getting into the down fill inside. They’re ideal for people with asthma or allergy, although they can only be dry clean. 

Synthetic alternatives  

The most commonly used material for making synthetic down fill is polyester and synthetic fiber (which also come from polyester). This type of down will definitely not soft, fluffy, or comfortable as natural down. They will tend to feel stiffer, and less resilient. But they come with a much cheaper price compare to other types of down. And the synthetic material also makes them friendlier to people with asthma and allergy. So these down comforter is a really good choice if you’re planning to buy a cheap comforter. 

That’s it, if you’re thinking of buying a new comforter, you can choose from these synthetic comforter options that I’ve listed above. Or if you’re interested in natural down comforter. Click here to look for the most awesome deal.