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Magnification and Optical Quality of The Spotting Scopes

Magnification and Optical QualityA spotting scope is an indispensable material for those hiking, hunting or military used in … because we have the specs to understand them so you have to take time and knowledge. You can access at the following address for more information about best spotting scope under 500. In the scope of this article, I will help you understand more of magnification, zoom structure and optical quality of the spotting scope.


Spotting scopes body types often record two basic types of parameters are the magnification and objective lens size. For example 7×25, 8×40 or 10X50, the above parameters can be interpreted as follows: The first number that the magnification of the spotting scopes, the second number indicates the size or magnitude of the objective lens (in single in mm). Information on the magnification factor is the first concern when buying spotting scopes of many.

For example, if registered 8×40 spotting scopes mean of image magnification spotting scopes will reach eight times (or degree of narrowing the gap will be equivalent to 8 times as compared to the naked eye), so the first digit information is always the first to mention the magnification of the spotting scopes. Many types of spotting scopes with different magnification levels, but the upper level is often exaggerated 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x, 10x times.

Reality Evaluation

Reality EvaluationPhoto realistic assessment showed the same image quality through spotting scopes at 6x, and 12x magnification differ markedly, while the spotting scopes at 6x magnification for better image quality, high contrast, color crisp, beautiful colors, wide field of view, image brightness and the water depth, the image contrast level is just over 12x magnification, the rest of the color elements, the field of view, resolution and stability are poor than. Therefore, not every high magnification spotting scopes, it was good, because the image will enlarge further affect the display quality.

Large difference between the smallest magnification and largest

Also, there are also many types of spotting scopes with the ability to image larger collection, called Zoom spotting scopes, as 7-21×50 Zoom Spotting scopes (magnification 7 to 21 times) or 10-22×50 Zoom Spotting scopes ( magnification 10 to 22 times). However, the quality of these types of zoom spotting scopes are often volatile, and image quality with the great disparity between the smallest magnification and the largest, which is evident by the size of the objective lens can not change to enhance the image quality according to the corresponding magnification. Which only magnified the extent of change, makes the image darker as zooming and fading, as well as to the field of vision narrowed.

Try to consider a 7-21×50 zoom spotting scopes, at magnification 7x, coefficient of light is above 50 indicates a strong possibility of the morning of spotting scopes makes images sharp and clear, while at 21x magnification coefficient of just 5.6 Light makes dark images and dimming lot, the difference is too large and deviate markedly above that image quality is very strong fluctuations.

Optical quality of the spotting scopes

Moreover, it should be noted that the optical quality of the spotting scopes Zoom spotting scopes are usually inferior to the fixed magnification though comparable in any corresponding magnification. They are caused by the structure of spotting scopes zoom is a lens system always moves inside the spotting scopes and mechanical structure to synchronize the zoom eyepiece of the spotting scopes always certain tolerances, making the optical system is not stable as spotting scopes with fixed magnification.

In general, the more zoom spotting scopes while not perfect, as many expect, so do not expect zoom magnification parameter which ignores other important factors.